How Many Lives Could a Switch to Vaping Save?

Those who know much about vaping and how it compares to cigarette smoking are well aware of the health benefits of making the change from smoking to vaping. They know that research conducted in the UK shows that vaping is on average about 95% safer for the human body than smoking is.

We already know that smoking is seriously detrimental to a person’s health. It can cause lung cancer, emphysema, breathing problems, tar build-up in the lungs and much more. Those who smoke live shorter lives, on average, than those who do not. There are thousands upon thousands of deaths each year related to smoking. We understand that it is incredibly dangerous and something that should be avoided at all costs. However, not everyone can give up smoking just like that. This is why websites that are promoting vaping or e-cigarette usage is often seen as a good alternative. Through vaping, consumers can still get their nicotine fix, but they don’t have to experience a lot of the same health risks that they would with smoking.

They can live longer, healthier lives and even gradually get off the nicotine over time. Many people have been able to transition completely off of nicotine and vaping, after taking up vaping as an alternative to smoking. In fact, health organizations in many countries recommend vaping as a smoking cessation method.

With this information, it’s obvious to see that vaping as a smoking alternative could save lives. The question is, how many could be saved this way?

Well, a study conducted by Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center showed that if smokers in the US changed over to vaping for the next decade, approximately 6.6 million lives could be saved. Those are astounding numbers, and they only figure for one country. Imagine,the kind of impact giving up cigarettes and turn into vaping could make on the rest of the word. Even in other countries where smoking is prevalent, a shift like this could mean hundreds of thousands or even millions of lives saved over a 10-year period.

This is why it is so important to spread the word about the dangers of cigarette smoking and the benefits of switching out combustible cigarettes for e-cigs. There are still many health organizations that are hesitant to recommend e-cigs as a stop smoking method, but the facts don’t lie. Many people have already successfully stopped smoking and stopped their nicotine habit through e-cigs. Part of that is due to how much easier the nicotine content is to control in e-cigs. Consumers have choices as to what level of nicotine, if any, they want in their products.

This makes it so much easier to taper off nicotine until they no longer need it to feel normal. There are all sorts of ingredients inside tobacco cigarettes that vaping products simply don’t contain. They don’t put tar on the user’s lungs, nor do they cause combustion, which releases carcinogens.

Carcinogens can still be produced by vaping products, but the risk for any kind of cancer developing is much lower than it is for smokers. Risks of all kinds greatly decrease when vaping as compared to smoking. This is why so many lives could be saved if people simply made the switch. They would save money and their lives and yet still be able to enjoy a lot of what makes smoking appealing to them.